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25 thoughts on “SQL Server Internals — Advanced Training

    • Hi Eamon… there’s a link to my schedule on the left… it’s the first link! Public classes are organized through my training partners and my schedule page has a link to the partner for registration info, etc. Thanks!

      • Hi Kalen . Thank you for the reply , apologies for the delay in acknowledging but I am head deep in your 2008 and 2012 books! Once I am done with these I will look to book a course nearest to NEW YORK. kind regards Eamon

  1. Hi Eamon… there’s a link to my schedule on the left… it’s the first link! Public classes are organized through my training partners and my schedule page has a link to the partner for registration info, etc. Thanks!

  2. Can I get access in c# to the XSN that is created by Snapshot Isolation to use for another purpose? I want to use it for Optomistic Concurrency Control across a user interaction. The alternative would be to create my own RowVersion column, but that seems redundate.

    Thanks. BTW I just ordered your 2012 internals book.

    • Hi Jim
      There is metadata that shows XSN numbers. It is called transaction_id in most cases. Look for DMVs in the sys.dm_tran_% family.
      Whether you can actually make use of it yourself, I really don’t know. I’ve never tried.


  3. Mark Avis

    Hello, is there a SQL 2014 version of “Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Internals” out or pending? Would the content in the 2012 version have a large amount of cross over content that would also be applicable to 2014 if I was to get the 2012 edition first?..thanks

    • Hi Mark

      There will not be a SQL Server 2014 Internals book. Most of the content of the 2012 book is still very relevant. The biggest new feature in SQL 2014 is In-memory OLTP, and I am writing a separate book just on that, which will be available in November from Red Gate.

      I hope this is useful,

  4. venkat

    Hi Kalen,
    The all internal books talking about the architecture about SQL database engine.. But It would be good if you keep all high availability features internals as well in the same book

    • Yes, it might be nice, but then the book would be twice a big and take twice as long to get published! HADR is a whole separate topic that really deserves its own book.


    • Hi Woody,

      Unfortunately, I do not send files to specific email addresses for people I don’t know. I have enabled the link again for three weeks. The password is the city the event was held in, all lowercase. I hope this helps.


  5. Raj

    Hi Kalen,
    I am planning to attend your in-class 5-day course “SQL Server Internals and Tuning” course. However, it says the class is for “experienced SQL Server professionals”. I have been working with SQL Server 2012 for past 3 years. I am familiar with usual DBA concepts such as backup, recovery, high availability, failover cluser instance, index management, user logins, security, encryption, etc. Do you think I will be able to understand the material covered in this class or is there any other pre-requisites I should learn before attending this class?

    • Hi Raj

      This sounds fine. Usually a couple of years experience is fine, as long as it’s not just 2 years making the weekly backups and nothing else! What’s most important is that you’re not just starting out, but that you’ve been using SQL Server enough to know how much more there is to learn, and you want to learn more!

      I look forward to meeting you!


    • Hi Jim

      I didn’t update it for 2014 and I won’t be doing it for 2016 either. It just takes far too long to get such a massive work published. The 2012 book took the publishers over a year to get out, even after all the writing was done. With Microsoft’s 2-year release cycle, we could barely get one book out before the next version was on the horizon. So I am writing smaller, more focused books, like the In-Memory OLTP I did for Red Gate.

      Thanks for your interest!

      • Jim

        Hi Kalen. Thanks a lot for your response! I will look out for your other books then – good to know that one shouldn’t wait in vain for another edition of the Internals book. Thanks!

  6. Jack Parker

    Having a lovely time trying to register. Finally got the budget to attend your class, which I have to spend before end of July, and I’ve missed the registration cutoff by two weeks. Looks like the next class after July is in November?

    Jack Parker

    • Hi Jack

      Sorry for the trouble you’ve been having. Yes, unfortunately I have no full-week classes until November. I’ll be working on other projects for the summer, and then spending September and October in Germany to help with my first grandchild’s arrival. My training partners do accept payment in advance of course, so there should be no problem getting this in July’s budget. I had a private (single-company onsite) class once, where they need to pay me in full 6 months in advance to get it in the right year’s accounts. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help!


  7. tonny poulsen

    Hi Kalen. Tonny/Denmark here. Do you have any insight about pittfalls when moving a MOT enabled database from one instance to another?

    • Hi Tonny

      I’ve never had any issues, but admittedly, I haven’t done it that often. I’ve done some backups before upgrading, and then restored the backup after upgrading. I just installed the new SQL 2016 sample db which has a memory optimized filegroup. You need to make sure you have enough memory on the new instance, but other than that, I haven’t seen other issues. Is there something in particular you’re concerned about?


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