Errorlog for SQL Server 2012 Internals


Please report all errors on the publisher’s web site

The publisher and I would appreciate it if you could file a separate item for each error. Please be as specific as you can, and indicate both the page number (so the publisher can find the error) and the chapter number (so I can find the original file).

You can also check out that page to see what errors have already been reported, and whether or not that have been acknowledged.


4 thoughts on “Errorlog for SQL Server 2012 Internals

  1. Esey Nemariam


    Could you please add a table of content to the Kindle version ? I was told it is a great book (the one to have if you have one) but I am not able to use it after buying it from Amazon as it is missing the table of content.

    The only way for me to read a chapter I am interested in is to go through every page and it is not convenient on the kindle app. I would like to download it again if you get it fixed again.


    • The Kindle version has a table of contents. If it is not displaying, it due to the particular app you are using. When I use the Kindle App on my PC, I can see the table of contents. I use a mobi reader app on my tablet. and on that the table of contents does not show up. I do not have an actual Kindle at this time to check whether the contents is available there, but I assume it is. You will need to contact the provider of the Kindle App software.

      Even if the table of contents does not display, you should be able to do a search for ‘Chapter 1′ or Chapter 10’, without having to click through every page.

      Hopefully, you have a PC and you will be able to read it there using the Kindle app.


      • Esey Nemariam

        That is very unfortunate – I am using the kindle apps on my iPhone, Mac air and the kindle chrome app. I have a lot of other tech books (15+) and this is the first time I am encountering this. The reason I got the kindle version is to have it with me all the time, highlight things as I learn new things and read when I commute on the train. Searching is not convinient on the iPhone and reading from the PC is not an option as well. I wish there was a way to make the book available on these apps as well. If your publisher is willing, I think it is not a difficult thing to get done. Once it is updated, people who bought the kindle version can easily update it. I am providing this as a positive feedback, I hope you find it useful and make your great book accessible for all of us.


      • I’m sorry I wasn’t clear. There IS a Kindle version of the book, and it does have a Table of Contents. There is not a separate Kindle version for each app or device. If the TOC is not showing, it is a problem with the app on the device. There is nothing else the publisher can do to make the book ‘available’ on more devices.


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