Kalen’s Schedule

When What Where Contact
May 3 DB Best Event —
Modernize Your Data Platform Using Microsoft SQL Server 2016
Bellevue Register
May 10 DB Best Event —
Check back soon for more details
San Francisco
May 12 DB Best Event —
Check back soon for more details

19 thoughts on “Kalen’s Schedule

  1. fred

    Hi Kalen, I heard that you changed your teaching schedule for September 22-16. Are you no longer planning on being in Bellevue for that date?

    • Hi Fred

      Where did you hear this from?

      Any class that I teach for QuickStart could be at any one of their locations, but will most likely be one of Irvine, CA or Portland, OR or Bellevue WA. We usually don’t make the decision until a bit closer to class time as to where it will be held, based on the locations of the students who have registered. Students who are not local will still have a very good remote classroom experience.


    • Hi Madeleine

      I go where I am invited. A company in Cape Town invited me to teach my course, and is paying my fee. If someone in Johannesburg wants to do the same thing, I would love to come teach there!

      Thanks for your interest!

  2. Ian Allchin

    Hello Kalen, I am thinking of possibly flying over from the UK for the June 15 course. Can you confirm the location as this will assist me to plan my flights and hotel. Many thanks, Ian Allchin

    • Hi Ian

      It would be great to have you come out for the course! Unfortunately, we usually don’t decide the location for delivery until about 4 weeks before delivery, as we wait to see which location has the most students who will be physically present. I have had UK students take the class remotely, but the in-person experience is definitely preferable, when possible.

      I am really hoping the class will be at one of the Southern California locations, and there is a good chance it will be, but no guarantee. You might consider booking a flight to LA, and then if it turns out the class is in Seattle or Portland, you can get a flight from LA to either of those cities for a very good price usually. There also shouldn’t be a problem waiting until 4 weeks out for a hotel reservation.

      There have been a few times where we knew further in advance where a class would be physically located, when one location got a large number of bookings early. I will update my website as soon as I know.

      Thanks again for your interest!


  3. Ian Allchin

    Hi Kalen,
    I have booked a place on the 15 June course in Irvine. The Quickstart people said they will contact you to confirm the location as I said I wanted to take the “in person” option. I can change to a different location as you suggested if required.
    Many thanks
    Ian Allchin

    • Hi David!

      Thanks for your interest. I would love to come back to the UK. In general, I do training where I am invited. At this time, I do not have any public training partners in the UK and my only public appearances have been with SQLBits. If your company is interested in bringing me over for an on-site class, that would be wonderful. Alternatively, several companies could get together and share the expense. Let me know if you’d like more details.

      Best regards,

    • Hi Jack

      This is a subset of the information in my full 5-day SQL Server Internals class, focusing the internals information needed to understand and tune your queries. This 3-day version is called Internals FOR Query Tuning while the 5-day course is called Internals AND Query Tuning. Thanks for your interest!


  4. Jack Parker


    Hard to know what page to leave a comment on. I gather that our budget for travel is limited. I Would be very interested in online access to your class.

    Jack Parker

      • Jack Parker

        Thank you. My need to understand the internals is of current interest, I’d rather take the abbreviated course in April than wait until July. I am trying to get budget to attend.

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