Photos and Videos


Take a look at this video of an interview with me, made by Jennifer of McCown of Midnight DBA!

One of my professional activities that I am most proud of is my involvement in the SQL Server MVP Deep Dives books, Volumes One and Two. Over 50 MVPs each wrote a chapter on a topic that they were excited about, and all the royalties were donated to charity. We have been able to send tens of thousands of dollars to War Child and Operation Smile.

Below is a photo of the book signing for Volume Two at the PASS conference in 2011. (I’m in the lower right corner.)

Book signing

Here are a couple of photos of me speaking at classes at conferences.

The first is during a three-day Internals class in the UK, given at a converted Manor House (think: Downton Abbey)

Next is a picture of me and the other speakers during a four-city Swedish roadshow. I went further north than I’d ever been, to the city of Umeå

One of my favorite places to visit is Sacramento, California! They have a great user group and my oldest bestest friend lives there. (We’ve been friends for 33 years.) I speak at their User Group whenever I’m in town teaching for ISI, and have spoken at both of their SQL Saturday events!
SQLSatSac 20130727-1

SACUG 20131002-4

I also love going to Colorado, since my sister lives there. This picture was taken at a special event for the Denver SQL Server User Group.
Denver SQL UG

If you have any photos of me at conferences or other events, please let me know if you’d be willing to let me post them here! Thanks…

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