On-site Classes


My five-day class is available for private delivery for your organization anywhere in the world. If you have 6 or more people needing SQL Server Internals training, it is usually more cost-effective to have an on-site class.

In addition, I also offer a reduced three or four day version of the class.

If you’re more interested in specific topic areas, I have several one-day seminars that I can offer by themselves, or in combination with other one-day seminars. Topics include:

— SQL Server Concurrency Control: Locking, Blocking and Row Versioning

— Care and Feeding of the Transaction Log

— SQL Server Data Storage Formats: Internals, Performance and Best Practices

— SQL Server Query Plans: Reuse or Recompile

— SQL Server Query Tuning

— SQL Server Query Plans: Tuning and Management

— SQL Server Indexes: Internals and Tuning

— SQL Server HEKATON: In Memory OLTP, Internals and Best Practices

— Index Magic: Rowstore, Columnstore and Nostore

For more information about scheduling a private delivery, please submit the Feedback Form below.


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