What are people saying about Kalen’s classes?


Paul Nielsen
Author Trainer Consultant,
Paul Nielsen Consulting, Inc

“Kalen is the compleat* SQL Server guru. She is ever precise and thorough in her research and explanations. When I have a question regarding SQL Server internals, there’s no one I’d rather ask than Kalen. She is always professional, well-spoken, well-spoken of, and one of the best speakers on the SQL Server speaker circuit. ”

* not a misspelling: Compleat (adj.) 1. with everything included; entire, total. 2. quintessential.”

Cindy Gross
Support Engineer, Microsoft Corporation

“Kalen has a gift for explaining complicated things in a simple way. Her demos are very good at showing her point and her way of saying things makes new concepts easy to understand. She’s also an all around good person. :-)”

Here are some comments from the class evaluation forms for my 5-day SQL Server Internals class:

• Kalen is one of the most competent SQL gurus in the world, and she is an excellent instructor. She would rate as the best instructor I have ever had.

• Kalen kept a brisk pace but made sure all our questions were answered. She gave great (and useful) examples in class and pointed us to some great external resources that I wasn’t aware of before. Very practical and down to earth. In a word, she was “awesome.”

• Very clear explanations, many many GREAT practical examples … really liked the hands on approach of using real examples in SQL ‘live’, as opposed to just using paper and slides to show the examples.

• Strong recommendation to attend any class she teaches. Very evident that considerable time was spent on the examples to clearly and simply show complex features in a short amount of time.

• Pace of the class was great – the use of examples real time was invaluable … she was also able to handle pretty much any question raised with an example of how SQL deals with the issue.

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